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St Louis 2007-3c. L5 Prostate & Uterine T9-L5 by John Crescione, 3 1/2 hrs $40.00 View Details St Louis 2007-3d. FHC Technique for Lower Thoracics & Lumbars. What's next after School? Starti $40.00 View Details St Louis 2007-4. Dural Port Therapy: Anterior Sacral Orthopedic Blocking: Sacral Respiratory Therapy $40.00 View Details St Louis 2007-5. Townsend Hyper Flexion/Extension Test, Prone Disc Technique & Pelvic Balancing $40.00 View Details St Louis 2007-6. Cranial: Antidote, Sutural A & P, Cat II Sutural Technique, TMJ, Maxillary, Zyg $60.00 View Details St Louis 2007-7. Cranial Paediatrics: Examination, Therapies, Adjustments from Infants to Childhood $60.00 View Details St Louis 2007-8. Soft Tissue Orthopedics: STO Beginning Background of Dr Rees, STO Therapy Procedure $50.00 View Details St Louis 2008-1. Pediatrics, Neonatal & Infant Cranial Pelvic Examination & Adjusting, A &am $50.00 View Details St Louis 2008-10. Occipital Fiber Palpation by Seekins;Pre&Postganglionic Tech by Heese, 4 hrs $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-11. Nutrition Iodine Diet, Thyroid & Other Disorders, Testing Supplement by Craig $20.00 View Details St Louis 2008-12. Functional Healthcare:T7 Spleen by Seekins;FHC Nutrition Diet by Shara;T4 Gallblad $50.00 View Details St Louis 2008-13. Success for the SOT Practitioner by Perman;SORSI SOT Forum-Cranial Non Specifics, $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-2. Cranial Indicators, Teeth Occlustion effects, Descending & Ascending Effects, E $50.00 View Details St Louis 2008-3. Cranial Injury @birth, Cranial Fascial Distortion, Cranial Pelvic Relationship, Cra $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-4. Cranial Anatomy & Function, Intraoral Cat I Procedures, Frontal, Temporal & $20.00 View Details St Louis 2008-5 continued. DeJarnette Cranial: Occipital Pump, Spread, RT RT, Tempral Reciprocation $50.00 View Details St Louis 2008-6. Extremities Part 1,2,3 by Joseph Unger, 4 hrs $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-7. What is Mans CNS Neurological Testing for S/I, Neurological Structural Adjusting, P $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-8. Prone Disc Tech, Hyperextension Technique by Gordon Townsend, Iso Cranial, Iso Body $40.00 View Details St Louis 2008-9. Extremities Part 4, Tongue Protusion by Joseph Unger $20.00 View Details

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