Sacro Occipital Technic Organization International (SOTO-I) is the international alliance that is made up of the approved and recognized SOT® Methods organizations around the world.


Following are the participating SOT® Methods International Alliance organizations:

The purposes for which SOTO INTERNATIONAL was formed are as follows:

  1. To preserve, promote, advance, and elevate the basic principles of SOT® Methods and SOT® Craniopathy as methods of chiropractic treatment.
  2. To foster an international relationship and bring about a spirit of unity and cooperation among the practitioners and students of SOT® Methods throughout the world.
  3. To regulate, manage, and administer the international dissemination, education, and training of practitioners and students of SOT® Methods in a consistent, uniform and harmonious manner.
  4. To foster and promote scientific and clinical research studies in chiropractic and particularly to develop findings that are specific to the application of SOT® Methods and are generalizable to chiropractic care.

2010 saw the establishment of the global standardization of the teaching of SOT® Methods. Universal texts were approved, along with their corresponding presentations, from which an international certification process was created. The SOTO-International marque was designed to signify and reflect the material involved in this project.

Until SOTO International Alliance has a web site up, further information may be obtained by contacting:

SOTO Australasia (SOTO-A)
Jacquie Strudwick, Coordinator
P.O. Box 2310
Burleigh BC – QLD – 4220 – Australia
Phone: 0755762132
Email: [email protected]


SOTO Brasil
Rael Rosa DC, CC
Terceira Avenida 601 Sala 303
Balneario Camboriu SC Brasil
CEP: 88330-087
Phone: +55.47.3363.0621
Email: [email protected]


SOTO South America (SOTO-SA)
Ann Oldham Michael, DC, CC
Casilla 576 Region XI
Coyhaique, Chile
Phone: 56.99.812.4987
Email: [email protected]


SOTO Europe (SOTO-E)
St. James Chiropractic Clinic
The Old Thatched House
219 Romsey Road
Shirley Southampton S016 4DT
Phone: 011.44.2380.788.111
Email: [email protected]


SOTO- Japan
Katsu Yoneyama, D.C.
6th Floor, Yamanote Bldg.
1-19-12 Minami Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku – Tokyo 171 – Japan
Phone: 011.81.33988.0704
Fax: 011.81.33986.1297
Email: [email protected]


SORSI (North America)
DeAnna Smout, Administrative Assistant
2184 Channing Way #460
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Phone: 913-239-0228
Email: [email protected]

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