SORSI Homecoming 2017

homecoming 2017

Join us for Homecoming 2017

Thursday, October 19 – Saturday, October 21

This Year’s Instructors include:

  • Marc Pick, DC, DACAN, FICS
  • Craig Pearson, DC, MS, AP
  • Mark Bohl, DC, AP
  • Steven Apicerno, DC, AP
  • O. Nelson DeCamp, DC, DACAN, FICS
  • Sheila Bochicchio, DC, CC
  • Kephra Froehlich, DC, AP
  • Deirdre D’Antonio, DC, CC
  • Bradley Kuntz, DC, CC
  • Ann McDonnel, DC, DICS
  • Suzanne Seekins, DC, DICS
  • Noel Taylor, DC, AP
  • Jennifer DenBleyker, DC, AP
  • Kimberly Shara, DC, DICS
  • Chris Ourganian, DC, AP
  • Catherine Quill, DC, AP
  • Andrew Bourne, DC, AP
  • Michael Cindrich, DC, DICS
  • Dan Madock, DC, DICS
  • Stephen Williams, DC, FICS
  • Bob Apol, DC, CC
  • John Farmer, DC, FICS
  • Joseph Unger, DC, FICS
  • Gerald Vargus, DC, CC
  • Beth Forgosh, DC, CC
  • Ann Michael, DC, CC

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2017 Homecoming Mailer


OCTOBER 19 -21, 2017


Come to Homecoming 2017!  It promises to be a great event.

Register now for some great classes, fellowship, and fun.

In this Homecoming, SORSI is proud to offer four terrific tracks:

1) SOT®


3) Doctor Sharing

4) Cranial

The SOT® program will offer step-by-step instruction in all three SOT® Categories.

Marc Pick, DC, FICS, DACAN will present his superb overview of the technique, complete with scientific rationale. He will also guide you through cranial ranges of motion from a perspective of actually feeling the pulses and rhythms of the living cranium.

Dr. Pick’s presentation will be followed by in-depth instruction of all aspects of SOT® by certified doctors who use this wonderful technique daily in their offices. Drs. Craig Pearson, Mark Bohl, Steven Apicerno, Nelson DeCamp, Sheila Bochicchio, Kephra Froehlich, Deirdre D’Antonio and Bradley Kuntz will present, to both new and experienced doctors and students, all the information and hands-on experience they need to start them on the road toward mastery and certification, and will serve to add terrific new tools to their already fine chiropractic repertoires.

PLUS: New this year— Hands-on Cranial work in the SOT® Track!

Nelson DeCamp, DC, FICS, DACAN will guide the participant through an in depth experience of his Cranial Range of Motion system of analysis and correction! This is extremely powerful work, and it is offered here in the SOT® track for the first time.

The CMRT Track will offer instruction on Major DeJarnette’s ground breaking work on spinal / visceral analysis and correction. Some of SORSI’s master practitioners will guide the participants though several of the body’s organ systems. Drs. Suzanne Seekins, Noel Taylor, Jennifer DenBleyker, Craig Pearson and Kim Shara will present hands-on training in this powerful and effective healing art.

This track also features Dr. Christopher Ourganian’s extremity adjusting class, which can provide the participant with techniques which can revolutionize and revitalize any practice.

This track will also feature an entire afternoon of Dr. M. L. Rees’s Soft Tissue Orthopedics (STO). These classes will be conducted by SOT masters Dr. Andrew Bourne and our reigning International Chiropractor of the Year, Catherine Quill. This will be in-depth and hands-on.

The Doctor Sharing Track will feature new and innovative work by some of our more experienced field doctors and teachers. Drs. Michael Cindrich, Nelson DeCamp, Dan Madock, Bob Apol, Brad Kuntz and John Farmer will present SOT® related material that they have developed and honed over the years. Learn simple methods of sorting out multiple categories, handling scoliosis effectively, and freeing up frozen shoulders. Learn fast, efficient peer reviewed neurological and orthopedic testing of the sacroiliac joint. An entire arsenal of innovative cranial procedures will be presented and elaborated upon, as well as new perspectives and techniques for Category I dural torque.

All this plus Dr. Stephen William’s world renowned PEDIATRICS course will be presented all day on Friday!

The fourth track is Cranial. SORSI is your trusted source for all things cranial. This year’s track features TMJ work and taught by master board certified craniopaths. Drs. Joe Unger, Gerald Vargus, and Kimberly Shara will take the participant step by step through DeJarnette’ exhaustive work on the TMJ.

Dr. Joseph Unger will present a class on his masterly elaboration upon an obscure DeJarnette technique: Area Spreads. As any doctor who has seen and worked with this before can attest; this is powerful stuff not to be missed.

Drs. Ann Michael and Beth Forgosh will present DeJarnette’s cranial non-specific techniques, which will allow the participant to work with simple procedures that will allow them to handle some difficult cases with confidence.

Dr. Mark Pick will present NEW WORK that he has been developing: OPTOKINETIC Stimulation for Cervical Dystonia. This is new and exciting work from this world renowned chiropractic neurologist. You will not want to miss this!

All this plus: Dr. Pick will present an entire afternoon of Category I intraoral analysis and adjusting. This some of the most powerful stuff that we can do as chiropractors. Come learn from the master!

SOT® is a registered trademark owned by SORSI and used here with permission

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